Fundraising & Incentives

Uptown Jungle Sandy, UT: Where Fundraising Can Be Fun

Fundraise, play, and enjoy!

There is no reason why fundraising shouldn’t be fun. Uptown Jungle is always ready to assist schools, churches, charity organizations, and all those who are engaged in heartfelt efforts for a worthy cause!

Get in touch with us to get 35% of your group’s admissions!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Gift Card Fundraising

  1. We’ll provide $20 gift cards for your group
  2. They are sold in 1-2 weeks time
  3. You’ll take 35% of the sales!

Event Fundraising

  1. Drop by our playground to book your fundraiser.
  2. Incite your friends and family.
  3. You’ll get 35% of the admissions!

You may have to show your Tax ID and I-9 or W-4 before registering the fundraiser.

“Fun for 5”

Enjoy the perks of our free bookmark incentive program
If you’re a teacher, a coach, or a church leader who’s looking for ways to engage young ones with interesting awards and activities? We’ve got you covered:

  • Uptown Jungle will provide bookmarks for each child
  • Give children five goals to complete
  • Sign their bookmarks after successfully completed goals
  • Uptown Jungle will award an hour of FREE playtime to each kid who brings the bookmarks to us!