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Step into our indoor amusement park in Sandy, UT, where we transform ordinary birthdays into extraordinary adventures! Your ultimate destination for kids’ birthday parties ensures every celebration is a roaring success.

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For safety reasons, signing the WAIVER is required by anyone entering the park.


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Things to Know

Get some basic information and details to make the most of your visit to our trampoline park in Sandy, UT.

Experience the thrill of Uptown – the ultimate kids' play haven!

Play, laugh, and explore in our trampoline park

Welcome to Uptown Jungle, the unparalleled hub of fun, play, and excitement for kids! An indoor playground in Sandy that fosters creativity, fuels imagination and encourages physical activity in a vibrant environment. We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable experiences and joyous memories that last a lifetime. Our space is not just a playground, it’s a world where adventure awaits at every corner. Get ready for the ultimate play experience your child will cherish forever.

Your ultimate indoor playground in Sandy

Step into the world of thrilling leaps and joyful bounds at our indoor trampoline park. We’ve transformed the concept of play, creating a world that blends imagination, physical activity and fun. This is not your ordinary indoor amusement park; it’s a unique venue where kids and “kids at heart” can jump, play and exercise while having a ton of fun.

Our state-of-the-art facility houses high-quality equipment for a maximum level of enjoyment. With plenty of space to bounce, slide and play, we are your premier choice. As pioneers in indoor play places, our team is committed to providing a unique, and entertaining environment that encourages physical activity, social interaction, and a ton of fun for kids of all ages.

Your children’s favorite trampoline park

At our facility, we go beyond standard indoor parks in Sandy and boast a wide range of attractions for kids to explore and enjoy. The moment your child enters, they’ll be captivated by the vast array of bouncy fun we offer. This guarantees that your kid will have a wonderful time and you’ll be able to take a break while they play away.

When searching for “trampoline parks near me,” remember that our venue stands out from the crowd. Our goal is to create a vibrant atmosphere where every child feels welcome, and there’s always something exciting happening. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a great way to spend the day, you can count on a memorable experience with us.

Our indoor trampoline park is fit for all ages & stages

In response to the common query “indoor parks near me for toddlers,” we’re proud to announce our dedicated zone for our youngest. This area, crafted with the safety and enjoyment of our youngest visitors in mind, offers a variety of age-appropriate activities. Parents can relax knowing their little ones will stay busy and have the time of their lives in our wonderful space.

At our indoor playground, children are free to express their creativity, learn new skills, and make new friends in a safe and nurturing environment. We believe that play is a fundamental part of child development, and we’re committed to making our trampoline park in Sandy a place where children can grow and thrive. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is your indoor amusement park suitable for?

Uptown Jungle indoor playground and trampoline park in Sandy caters to kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. Our play areas are designed to offer exciting, age-appropriate activities ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Do parents need to stay at the indoor playground?

Yes, we require a responsible adult to stay on the premises. Parents can either join in on the fun, or relax in our comfortable seating area while their kids enjoy our versatile indoor trampoline park.

Are trampoline parks safe and clean?

Safety and cleanliness are our top priorities. Our staff is trained to help make sure that kids are following the rules and using equipment properly. The staff performs multiple cleaning routines throughout the day and deep cleaning routines during closed hours.

Can I host a birthday party at your indoor trampoline park?

Definitely! Our indoor playground in Sandy, UT is the perfect venue for unforgettable kids’ birthday parties. We handle all the details so you can focus on celebrating your child’s special day.

Where can I find a great indoor park near me in Sandy, UT and the surrounding area?

Look no further than Uptown Jungle! We offer an exciting and immersive experience for your child. Not only do we offer an array of interactive play structures and features, but we also focus on providing a clean environment for kids to explore and have fun. So, whether you live near our local museum or Kingsbury Hall, Uptown Jungle is the ultimate destination for indoor fun and play! We’re waiting for you!